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Ballasts are necessary to ignite HID lamps and supply the appropriate power to them. In order to best select the right ballast for you, you need to first decide which of the following attributes is necessary…

  • Wattage (i.e. 400, 600, 1000)

  • Lamp type (Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Both

Once you’ve determined the wattage and type of lamps you wish to power with this ballast, you need to next determine if  you would prefer a Magnetic Ballast or an Electronic/Digital Ballast.

Sun Systems Harvest Pro magnetic ballast

Sun Systems Harvest Pro magnetic ballast

Magnetic Ballasts - Pros

  • Inexpensive

  • Long-lasting

  • Reliable

  • Easy to maintain/repair at a low cost

  • Very long potential lifespan

Magnetic Ballasts - Cons

  • Large & Heavy

  • Noisy

  • Heat producing

Hydrofarm Phantom II Digital Ballast

Digital Ballasts - Pros

  • Relatively Small

  • Relatively Light

  • Silent running

  • Little-to-no heat produced

  • Capable of running multiple wattages

  • Capable of dimming light

  • Operates both HPS and MH lamps

Digital Ballasts - Cons

  • Higher cost

  • May reduce life of lamp

  • Difficult to repair

  • Many have high failure rate (when compared to magnetics)

  • Limited lifespan

As you can see, there is some give-and-take between the two types of ballasts. The magnetic ballasts are the workhorse of the industry where the digital ballasts are a newer, feature-packed option. Is heat an issue? Then the digital ballasts are probably a better fit. Do you just need a simple ballast to throw in the corner and not have to think about? Then the magnetic would be better suited for your style. Which on is best for you?  Well, only you can decide that for yourself.

Choose the ballast that works for you and visit us in our store or online - The leading Colorado / Boulder / Denver Hydroponic Systems and Hydroponic Supplies business.

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