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Archive Post #14: NECTAR FOR THE GODS!!!

Originally published on 4/29/2012

Over the last six months we have introduced a new line of plant nutrients to our customers and the response so far has been 100% positive feedback. Nectar For The Gods takes a whole new approach to plant nutrients.  The first thing you will notice about this new line is there is no "grow" formula, or "bloom" formula, but a group of nutrients that are used for the entire life span of your plants.  Nectar for the Gods began life as Harvest Moon Organics several years ago, brewed in small batches in their cofounder’s garage. In The Beginning, there were only a few products, designed to be a simple, complete line for home gardeners. This original lineup included: Gaia Mania, intended as a standalone nutrient, and Medusas Magic, Demeter's Destiny, and Zeus Juice.


As needs were identified, new products were developed to address those needs, and to give gardeners more control over the complexity of their program. Although they have moved out of the garage, their products are still handcrafted, brewed in batches and bottled by real people. You can tell that they take pride in their products and process, and we think our customers are noticing the difference.

Overall there are three different groups to choose from depending on how advanced you want to go with your grow cycle.

Simple: Includes Medusa's Magic, Gaia Mania. Zeus Juice and Herculean Harvest.

Advanced: Includes those above plus Athena's Aminas, Demeter's Destiny, Mega Morpheus and Aphrodites Extraction.

Pro: Includes all listed above in both groups, plus Hygeia Hydration, Poseidonzyme, Pegasus Potion, and Bloom Khaos.

To learn more about their products individually please visit their product line web page located here...

We also admire the Nectar For The God's producers for there environmentally responsible practices.  Founded by two guys who were grossed out by the nasty chemicals sold to people as fertilizer, and appalled by what is allowed to go down our drains, they knew they could do better, offering a product line that won’t pollute your body or the environment.  This philosophy resonates throughout their entire company, from incredibly low-waste manufacturing process, to responsible waste, water, and energy management, and active greening of their industrial manufacturing location.

To learn more about Nectar For The Gods environmental practices please visit there website here...

After slowly introducing Nectar for the Gods to our customers here at Victory Hydro Gardening we have taken note of the positive feedback surrounding this product.  If you are tired of putting your precious plants on permeant life support, rather than supporting truly healthy growth then we recommend giving Nectar for the Gods a try.  Mention this blog the next time you come to visit us and we will hook you up with a free sample kit so you can decided for yourself risk free!  Sample kits are limited so come on in and get yours today!

Happy Gardening!


Archive Post #6: The Fundamentals of Nutrients & Additives Video

In this video, we give a basic breakdown of the array of plant food products found in a grow store like Victory.

Rob from Victory Hydro Gardening does his best to strip away the thick marketing sludge surrounding plant nutrient products and give a quick synopsis of these kinds of products.

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