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EARTHWORMS - Nature's Greatest Fertilizer Explained

Even in the unpredictable climate of Colorado there is no denying that it is officially time to put your gloves on, air up the wheel barrel and get your precious seedlings ready for transplanting into your outdoor garden.  Remember to harden off your plants by putting them outside for only a few hours a day before committing to planting them in the ground.  Take about a week or so harding off your plants to make sure they will be strong enough to withstand the climate fluctuations of the great outdoors.  This will give you enough time to get your garden bed tilled up and amended properly to ensure a successful garden season!


When it comes to amending your garden's soil most experts will agree that there is no substitute for adding compost.  Today I want to talk about taking your compost to the next level with the addition of natures greatest compost, earthworm castings.  Essentially earthworm casting are compost, these special castings are the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by a one or more species of earthworms.  However, compared to a traditional backyard compost earthworm castings come with some significant advantages.  For example, they have been shown to contain reduced levels of contaminants and a higher saturation of nutrients.  Another highly valuable property of earthworm castings is the earthworm mucus that it contains.  Unlike traditional compost, worm mucus helps prevent nutrients from washing away with the first watering and holds moisture even better.  It also helps to lock in a percentage of the available nutrients creating a slow release fertilizer that gently nourishes your plants over time.  Now that you know what the differences between earthworm castings and traditional compost are let's take a look at some of the basic overall benefits that amending these castings into your garden soil will bring you.  These basic benefits include...

  • It Improves the physical structure of your garden soil
  • It enriches soil with micro-organisms, adding enzymes and plant hormones
  • It attracts deep-burrowing earthworms, already present in the soil, to nest within your garden (bringing you even more castings straight from the source)
  • It improves the water holding capacity of your soil
  • It enhances germination, plant growth, and crop yield as well as root growth

Of course earthworm castings can be mixed directly into your soil, however another highly effective method for instant results is to steep the casting in water and make them into a worm tea, bubbling the water and castings in oxygen with a small air pump, and letting them steep for a number of hours or even a day or two.  By aerated the tea with the air pump the microbial activity of the compost will become much greater.  At that point, the resulting worm tea liquid can be applied to the soil as a genuine organic liquid fertilizer or sprayed directly onto the plants as a foliar spray.

It is easy to see now how valuable a resource an inexpensive bag of earthworm castings can be for you and your garden.  The benefits of earthworm castings stack up against traditional compost and especially against the NPK heavy fertilizer that most gardeners use.  With all these benefits and the fact that they also help reduce environmental waste and consumption I hope you will give them a try this year providing your garden the gift of the earthworm, truly nature's greatest organic fertilizer!  If you do I promise you will be amazed with the results as you sit back and enjoy your lush green garden habitat.

Oh course I wouldn't promote a resourse so highly without giving all you garden enthusiast a place to easiely pick up some of your own earthworm castings.  Come on down to Victory and grab a 30lb bag of pure organic castings for yourself for only $16.95.  Thats a heck of spring deal considering these normally go for around $34.95 anywhere else.  And even if a 30lb bag seems to much for your needs we carry a 4.5lb bag for only $6.95.  Hope to see you all soon and happy gardening!


Archive Post #12: Why Everyone Should Grow ORGANIC!

Some people ask me why would I want to grow my own food when there is a super market on every other corner these days?  Well I'm about to to list some tops reasons why everyone should be growing at least a portion of their own food.

1. Better Quality Most veggies available at the super-market honestly are commercial varieties genetically modified franken-food, grown for durability in transit and shelf life. At home, you can choose from local heirloom seeds such as those from our local seed company Botanical Interests that add variety, flavor, and distinction to your garden. Not to mention they taste much better too!

2. Fresher Food At home, you can walk out into your garden, harvest some non-GMO heirloom vegetables on the spot. You can be sure that the vegetables were allowed to ripen naturally instead of being artificially ripened with ethylene gas.  That's right, most of the food you buy in a super market is harvested before it has ripened which results in much lower nutritional value.  Why would you want to pay premium prices for nutrient deficient food? Remember that old saying you are what you eat?  Try eating fresh home grown nutrient rich vegetables and get rid of all those pesky and expensive vitamins once and for all!  Plus, backyard organic gardens are much less dependent on pesticides, fertilizers, and fuel required for growing crops.

3. Smaller Carbon Footprint Current estimates put the distance that supermarket food travels from its source to your table at 1,500-2,500 miles. Try satisfying your hunger by walking 15 feet out to your organic garden to grab your favorite greens and vegetables for tonight’s dinner—without ever having to start the car and fight the crowded parking lots at the grocery store!

4. Healthy Choices Frequently consuming local organic vegetables is better for your health than eating processed foods that are high in fats, sugars, and preservatives. Feed your body the right foods, and you will enjoy improved health and energy!

5. Good Economics Okay, it costs money to have a garden, but there are ways that it can save you money and peace of mind as well. Time spent shopping for food can also be spent tending a garden, a much more peaceful and calming experience compared to pushing grocery carts around and standing in the checkout line.  How many sugar packed colorful cartooned cereal boxes does your child have to beg you for before you finally go insane? Furthermore, if a packet of squash seeds costs $2.00 and you grow 30 squash from 1 seed, that’s 7 cents per squash from only one plant!  If you have ever grown squash then you know you can easily feed your family and your neighbors family from only one or two plants!

6. Making a Difference Whether you are feeding yourself or an entire community, knowing about plants and how to grow your own organic produce is an important step towards developing sustainable, educated, and healthy communities.

The bottom line is growing your own organic produce is beneficial for you, your community and the planet.  A few other benefits I didn't mention above would be cleaner air and water, less landfill waste, food security and last but not least personal satisfaction.

When considering organic garden soils & fertilizers many quality products are out there and available to the home gardener weather you have the space to spread out or plan to experiment on your 3rd story apartment patio. Its time for people to take there health back into there own hands!  I promise you can do it and the dedicated gardeners at Victory Hydro Gardening are here to help you-so no excuses!  We are open 7 days a week and we always answer the phone and reply to emails so feel free to take full advantage of or customer service.  Helping you is what we are here for because helping you helps us!

Happy Trails!


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