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Nectar For The Gods' Owner/Founder In Store!!! Sat 2/22/14

Once again we have the pleasure of hosting an in-store appearance by Scott Ostrander. Most of you know him as  the man behind the best organic nutrient line Nectar for the Gods. If you've met him before, you may also know him as the hardcore, no-bullshit authority on organic growing and industry insider. 

Scott will be at Victory Hydro Gardening all day on Saturday, February 22nd to talk about Nectar for the Gods, his #4 soil, growing tips, chemtrails and anything else that may come up. It should be a fun and exciting day! Bring your notepad because the info will be flowing and its usually way too much to remember.

What: Scott Ostrander from Nectar for the Gods

When: Saturday, February 22nd, 2014; 10ish to 5ish

Where: Victory Hydro Gardening

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