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Green Farms Feed & Seed is a grow shop located near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Louisville, Colorado. We offer a wide variety of organics and hydroponics supplies for every kind of grower! Whether you are growing a small plant under one light, managing a farm with thousands of lights, growing outdoors or in a greenhouse, we specialize in helping you ensure you get the best out of your grow! At Green Farms, we take pride in offering the highest level of customer service and are here to help you. Our experienced staff welcomes any and all questions, so stop on by or give us a call and we'd be glad to be at your service!

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Nutrients are quite possibly the most heavily marketed and most saturated segment of the hydroponics and gardening industry.  As such, stepping into this realm for the first time can be confusing at best.  I’ve found the most effective way to understand these products is to use the following classifications:  Base Nutrients & Additives.

Base Nutrients – These are the core nutrients that you must use at minimum.  Think of base nutrients as the “bread-and-butter” or “meat-and-potatoes” of your plant-feeding regimen.  They are normally designed as 1-part, 2-part or 3-part systems and should contain all of the macro and micronutrients you plant needs to grow and thrive.

Additives – This is what typically makes the nutrient section of our store appear ever-changing and expanding.  Additives can make the difference between a typical plant and one that is freakishly healthy, robust and high-yielding.  To better understand nutrient additives, I’ve broken them into 4 subgroups:  Root Enhancers, Growth Enhancers, Basic Additives, Bloom Enhancers/Boosters.

Root Enhancers – Products designed to induce vigorous root growth and health.


Growth Enhancers – Nutrients that work in conjunction with the base nutrients and promote various aspects of vegetative growth.

Basic Additives – These consist of common products that prevent or alleviate nutrient deficiencies (i.e. Cal-Mag), aid in the uptake of nutrients or generally promote plant health.

Bloom Enhancers/Boosters – These products are the most popular because they aid in the development of flowers and fruits.  Most do any one or all of the following:  increase flowering sites, increase flower density, increase fruit sets and sizes, intensify aroma and flavor.

Another point to make on nutrients is the differentiation between organic and non-organic nutrients.  The decision to use one over the other or even to use them together will be a personal decision based on any number of factors.  For more info on what “organic” refers to, look here.  If you’re having a hard time deciding, email, call or stop by and ask!  We’d love to help you find your way.

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